Advertisement No: 09/2020-21 dated: 18/06/2020

“Invitation of Applications for allotment of available industrial plots in Integrated Industrial Estates of SIIDCUL."

“SIIDCUL invites applications, which can be filled online through during 18/06/2020 till 18/07/2020. For further details of vacant plot(s) please visit or

List of vacant plots for Allotment in different IIEs

“Note : The plots available at IIE IT Park, Dehradun are only for IT/ITES industries and the plots available at Aroma Park, Kashipur are only for Aromatic Industries. In case of Aroma Park particularly, the commencement period for Aromatic Industries has been kept as 03(Three) years and 01 (One) year has been kept as zero period for provision of common facilities.”

Industrial Land/Plots shall be allotted, subject to availability, on the basis of process/procedure as prescribed here in after considering all the applications received within a specified period for particular Land/Plots. All the applicants are required to fill their extra premium rate over and above the specified base rate during the submission of file. In case the number of applicant is just one for a particular plot, the plot would be allotted to the applicant at the rate of Lease Premium which is filled by the applicant for that industrial area, if otherwise eligible. In case the numbers of applicants who have applied for particular plot/plots within that specified period are more than one, on submission of bids the applicant/bidder who has offered to pay the maximum extra lease premium shall be allotted that particular plot(s). The applicant shall have the option at the time of application itself to indicate maximum two alternate plots, if available, in addition to his first choice and simultaneously bid for those plots as well by quoting additional premium for those to be considered for allotment of the alternate plot(s). In such cases applicant would have to pay the EMD taking into account the plot area of the largest plot among the chosen plot(s). In case a project needs a larger land area and applicant has applied for multiple adjacent plots two or more for a single project simultaneously but eventually succeed in getting allotted only one or two plots or and not all the required plots, the allotment committee may consider at its discretion allotment of remaining plots if necessary for the project on the condition that the applicant would have to match the highest bid received for the plot. In such cases the original highest bidder may be offered alternate plot if available. In case of tie the allotment committee shall decide to whom the plot should be allotted. Managing Director, SIIDCUL; reserves all right to reject or cancel the Bid at any time without assigning any reason thereof.

Clarification : : In case of any clarification with regard to the advertisement, please feel free to contact on numbers: 9917492613 (DGM, Com.).
Email id: [email protected]

9719536093 - Regional Manager, IT Park; 7055319915 - Regional Manager, IIE Pharmacity Selaqui

8755176343 - Regional Manager, IIE Haridwar; 9451516832 - Regional Manager,IIE Kotdwar

9412087774 -Regional Manager, IIE Kashipur; 9412923570 - Regional Manager, IIE Pantnagar& Sitarganj

. Term & Conditions Of Lease Deed Format  Click Here to Download Lease Deed Indicative format. Note: It is indicative format.